Total Membrane Solution

Total membrane solution (TMS) is a propriety technology with a combination of Ultra filtration (UF), Reverse Osmosis (RO) and electro deionization (EDI). TMS produces ultra pure water which is less than 18 Megohms/cm impurities. This ultra pure water can be used in number of industrial applications, such as power generation, semiconductor manufacturing, and pharmaceutical formulation.

Membrane processes can provide very high levels of demineralisation and offer the advantage of continuous operation. Moreover, membrane processes are not as mechanically complex as ion-exchange systems, and they require no acid and caustic regeneration, nor waste neutralisation.

TMS is the future and most viable option on a long run in boiler feed water, used in thermal power plants. This technology has a potential to reduce most of the operation costs and thus making it more advantageous than conventional technologies.